Academic Terms

The assessment & promotion in all classes shall be governed in conformity with the guidelines of CBSE Board. There will be two terms in one academic year. Each term includes 2 Formative and 1 Summative Assessments. Formative Assessment covers Weekly Tests, Assignments, Home Work, Practicals, projects, Quiz and Oral work. Summative Assessment covers the End Term Exam. The ‘Grades’ shall be awarded to indicate the subject wise performance.

Students will be promoted to next academic year if they obtain qualifying grades (D and above) in all subjects and will be awarded a Qualifying Certificate. Those who are not able to get Qualifying Certificate shall not be promoted to next class. Only loyal exemptions available as per CBSE rules to Differently Abled students shall apply.

Break down of Academic Terms:

  • I- Term
    • April –May – Formative Assessment I
    • July-August – Formative Assessment II
    • September – Summative Assessment – I
  • II-Term
    • October-November – Formative Assessment III
    • January-February – Formative Assessment IV
    • March – Summative Assessment – II


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