Assessment & Evaluation (CCE)

Zigyasa Sr. Secondary School follows Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system as recommended by CBSE. This new system allows the school to evaluate students in the form of grades instead of marks. This system incorporates both curricular and extra-curricular evaluations along with academics to quantify the development of a student. This system was developed to reduce the workload of the students and give them the ability to improve upon their natural abilities.

Main purpose of the CCE system is to make all the students within the educational institution feel like they belong. In the past, only certain segments of the student body get to enter the top institution just by cramming up everything from a book. Only the ones with a good memory were able to cut across the examination that involved grades. This was also a flaw because they are not actually developing a mind that thinks but simply accepts everything within a text book. Real life learning was completely out of the picture. With this new system, students who felt like outsiders can now feel like they belong and become a part of the learning process.

We are building a world where everyone belongs rather than favoring only the elite few. Our motto “Leave no one behind” is the key for developing a better nation. Every student is different and they react differently to educational stimuli. Typical textbook examples may not be enough to make special students understand simply because their mind works in a different way. Such students can surprise you by showing their unique abilities that can be brought out within the right nurturing environment. Parents also have to open their minds to the possibilities that their children can achieve with the right kind of support. This system works to build true life skills that students need to lead a healthy lifestyle and become complete members of society.