Co-curricular Activities

Zigyasa Sr. Secondary School aims at providing holistic environment, which encourage our academic community to realize the need of co-curricular activities. These activities promote multiculturalism which gives each student to recognize a new skill in them.

Our co- curricular program includes:

Sports Day: It’s a day where activities related to sports are held in form of competitions among individuals as well as among houses.

Science Fair: Science Fair as the name itself speak of a chance to all students of all levels to show their skills, try some practical and invent something new as a scientist.

Competitions: Students of all grades are always welcomed to prove their skills in specific competitions held regularly. These include Debate, Speech, Poetry, Story-telling, Street Plays, etc.

Art and Craft Day: Our school also celebrates a day where everyone can display their creativity in exhibition.

Annual Day: Annual Day is the celebration of the last day of past academic year with a note of thanks and a welcome of new academic year with new hopes. Its celebrated with wonderful performances by our students such as dance, singing, plays, etc.

Yoga classes: Fitness and health is of topmost importance for growing minds. Hence, our team provides a trained yoga classes.

And many more… because these activities are so innovative that these can’t be limited. So, this is how our school provides an open space to explore your inner-self.