Zigyasa Sr. Secondary School keeps the education system up-to-date by giving e-learning opportunities to the students. Quicker access to the right information changes the direction of the mindsets of the new generation. Timing is everything to grab on to the opportunities presented in life. This is one of the main reasons that e-learning will open up the right path for the children.

What are the advantages of e-learning at school?

  • Convenience

The learning process continues even if the child is not present in the classroom. The opportunity to learn remains open even if they are sick, on vacation, in a library or at any location. They can stick to the learning schedules created by the school and easily keep up with all their classes at their own convenience.

  • ┬áTime management

Time is the most important factor in the process of learning. However, every student is different and they have to take out time to complete their study process. Every child has a different pace of learning, and e-learning gives them the opportunity to manage their own time with their own learning speed.

  • Access

Access to the right e-resources, videos and study material is available online 24/7. There are no limitations when compared to the regular educational system that closes down at regular intervals. There are many teachers who make their own teaching videos online to education students with the right examples over the internet. They can simply log into the right resources to start the learning process any time of the day. They can go back to the video files to understand the concepts they were not able to understand in class.

  • Ingenuity

In the e-learning process, Ingenuity plays a strong role in expanding the minds of the students. The resources available online give greater opportunity to the students to present different perspectives to a single problem presented to them. Breaking outside of the box is only possible when there is room given to look into the various options available to them.