House System

Zigyasa Senior Secondary school has 4 houses in large community of learners. They are Lotus(Red), Peacock(Blue), Tiger(Yellow), Banyan(Green) named after national symbols of India. Each house is governed by a Head Master/Mistress assisted by a boy and a girl House Captain.

The House System in Zigyasa Sr. Secondary School aims at innovative upbringing of students. Keeping in mind our aim of exploring every possible talent in our students, we inculcate three core values: Raising Aspirations, healthy competition and developing community values. Through our house system we provide them a Pastoral care.

Our each house has a great significance in itself:

  • Lotus (Red): symbolizes spirituality, fruitfulness, knowledge, good luck and illumination
  • Peacock (Blue): symbolizes joy, beauty and love
  • Tiger (Yellow): symbolizes grace, strength, agility and enormous power
  • Banyan (Green): symbolizes immortality, help, offering, generosity, unity